SkateFuzz Pedal Vol4

$220.00 AUD

The Original SkateFuzz’s angry cousin.

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The Vol4 SkateFuzz is also a Muff style fuzz but it’s loaded with NOS Russian Transistors and NOS Russian Diodes. As its sibling, it also plays well with guitar and bass and delivers that meaty bottom end in spades. Stacks well with others and also runs the Mids switch which opens this pedal right up. So many tones to squeeze out of this thing. It’s a whole lotta fun. Note – Due to the limited numbers of these NOS parts, this will be a limited pedal. I’ll keep building them as long as I can source these parts. But once they’re gone, they’re gone. Demos coming..

All of my pedals are hand built in Australia by me, true bypass, no internal battery and are powered by the normal BOSS style ( 9v centre negative ) external power supply.