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The Three Day Bender ( TDB ) is based off the mid 70’s Colorsound Supa Tone Bender. It is a circuit which ( back in the day ) was heavily borrowed from the Big Muff, with a few different component values and the removal of the first clipping stage.

Not a fan of building a competent for component clone ( there are already a lot of others who do that, and very well ) I tracked down and was lucky enough to get onto a batch of very nice NOS KT3102E transistors. Gold leg, Tin Can, Hand Marked… the works. And they are right at home in this circuit. After a few prototypes, circuit bends, and further testing, I finally settled on, the circuit we have today. Also note that this will be a limited pedal due to the rarity of the transistors. Ill keep making them as long as I can keep finding them.

While the circuit of each TDB is identical, the artwork is not. Each of the plates are individually hand sanded, by me. Which will ensure your TDB is unique. The enclosure is folded stainless steel then powder coated. Its also secured by pop rivets to ensure maximum strength, but if you want to have a peek inside, I’m more than happy so send you a “gut shot” of your exact pedal.

As for the tone, I asked the “FuzzPope” ( Instagram handle ) long time Fuzz aficionado, to have a listen and give me his opinion on it. This is, verbatim, what he had to say,

“So, thoughts on the Three Day Bender, a new pedal in the excellent Dr Acid Effects line-up. It’s an elaboration on, not a pure replica of, the mid 70’s Colorsound Supa Tone Bender. I know this circuit very well, having owned several originals. Despite claims against the attempt, the TDB is very close to this awesome vintage circuit. Like the original, the TDB is packing a HIGH degree of output amplitude, unity for me is at 9:00(!!), the fuzz tone is noticeably less compressed than it’s professional MKII predecessor, and a very distinct, highly aggressive tone control is present, running the gamut from deep, rumbling lows to full ear-piercing scrambled eggs. While possessing higher gain, the Supa/TDB retains a mild gating, a rich characteristic, and Tone shaping feature for skilled players, which also works to suppress noise. This circuit does NOT clean up like the MKII (nothing but a fuzz face can), so roll-offs produce a moody, low gain OD that sounds great. Construction of the TDB is noteworthy for its incredibly rigid frame, owed to rivet assembly, meaning no options for 9volt battery use. Instead, you have a stompbox that will survive a tactical nuclear strike. Well done, Dr Acid”


All of my pedals are hand built in Australia by me. True Bypass, no internal battery and are powered by the normal BOSS style ( 9v centre negative ) external power supply.