The Green Death

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Weird and strange times ahead.

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The Green Death Drive.

This is a pedal I have been meaning to build for quite some time, and in a format you guys have been waiting for.

Sporting the highly sought after “Tin Can” LME49720HA for its IC driven Fuzz circuit and various low gain NOS Tin Can Transistors in the drive section, its going to be a very limited run as I only have a handful of these components. I was hoarding the LMEs for something that I knew I’d never get around to, and they’re not annoying any neighbours in my parts draw, so… its time to put them to work.

Basically a huge one knob fuzz ( described as an Over-Fuzz ) with 3 individual clipping options ( the 2nd knob )

Also, as you’ve seen, each pedal is hand painted, by me and there are no two alike.

And remember, this is a preorder, so while you will have hopefully, plenty of time to grab one, once the spots are filled, they are gone.

All of my pedals are hand built in Australia by me, true bypass, no internal battery and are powered by the normal BOSS style ( 9v centre negative ) external power supply.