SkateFuzz Original

$220.00 AUD

Yep, that’s a real skate board wheel.

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The SkateFuzz is based on the Green Russian Muff made famous way back in the 90s. Remember the 90s? RAD! A personal favourite of mine and great on guitar or bass due to its huge bottom end. On guitar, roll the tone right back for sludgy doom goodness, and right back up for icepick highs. And everything in between. Also stacks well with other overdrives in your chain too.

AND instead of giving you a one trick pony, I’ve added a tone switch which alters the mid response. It’s a simple addition, but gives you so much more tonal options for your dollar. On paper, it’s a mid boost / flat / scooped switch but in reality, it makes for nearly 3 pedals in one. Heeeeaaps of tones to find. Oh and if you haven’t noticed, it runs a REAL skate wheel for the foot switch. I’ve put a lot of work into this feature and it’s turned out great ( and very hard to miss if you’ve been drinking ).

Demo – Pedals And Effects – FUZZ WARS

All of my pedals are hand built in Australia by me, true bypass, no internal battery and are powered by the normal BOSS style ( 9v centre negative ) external power supply.