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This is something I’d said I’d never do again. But, here we are…

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As the name suggests, The SkateFuzz TRIP BALLS is a Fuzz. Its a big Fuzz based around the “Violet Rams Head”. I had ( have ) a select stash of “Tin Can” BC109 transistors that I’ve been keeping aside for an enclosure and circuit to match, and I think this is the one. The Cans, combined with some NOS Russian clipping diodes ( KD522B ) makes for a really…. fat sounding fuzz. I like it. I like it a lot. Also you get the 3 way mids switch, heaps of fun to be had.

The enclosure goes through a special and VERY time consuming process to get it to look how it does. This process ensures that no two enclosures will never look the same. So, what you get, is unique. And loud.

Demos Coming….


All of my pedals are hand built in Australia by me, true bypass, no internal battery and are powered by the normal BOSS style ( 9v centre negative ) external power supply.